Carcassonne and the Basilica of Saint Nazaire

Carcassonne and the Basilica of Saint Nazaire

We invite you to join us on this spiritual, inspirational and transformational journey to France. A land steeped in mysticism, lore and tradition of Mary Magdalene, the legends of the Holy Family, the Black Madonna, Saint Sarah, The Holy Grail, Cathars, Knights Templars and the healing power of Lourdes, the divine mother and its water, Chartres Cathedral and Paris.

Enjoy some time exploring the Old City of Carcassonne, the second-most visited site in France after the Eiffel Tower. Surrounded by mountains and vineyards, the scent of pine shrubs, spicy herbs, and sweet flowers is carried on the cool winds. Known as the garrigue (gah-REEG), it is the signature scent of the south of France.

The Old City of Carcassonne, a UNESCO world heritage site, is an outstanding example of a fortified medieval city, with massive defenses encircling the castle and surrounding buildings, its streets and fine Gothic cathedral. Carcassonne is an important place in the history of the Cathars. In ancient times, Carcassonne was a major commercial and ceremonial center for the Druids and the Phoenicians.

Carcassonne Cathedral of Saint Nazaire | Sacred Mystical Journeys

Visit the Basilica of Saint Nazaire with its vibrational energy and connection to Mother Mary, Saint Rock, and beautiful energetic sculptures. Known as the “Jewel of the City”, the cathedral is a fine example of the harmonious coexistence of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and features some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the region.

This is a journey of a lifetime, a life-changing experience where we feed our soul in one of the world’s most sacred destinations as we awaken to that still inner voice and the energy of the golden flame that dwells within our hearts.