Awakening – Ascension – Epiphany, January 6th

Awakening – Ascension – Epiphany, January 6th

2021: A year of Spiritual Awakening, a 5 year, Freedom!

Are you birthing it within your self with a clear vision.

As we move into a new cycle in 2021, my wish for you, and our planet, is that we focus upon our beautiful energy, vibration and frequency we emit a unifying energy which vibration of Universal love. Through this action we awaken ourselves to our Soul connection and who we are, the Truth of Who We Are. Through this action we are consciously aware we penetrate the various levels as we embrace fully the truth of who we are. As our awareness awakens we become empowerment, we connect with each other and the mother as she quests the 8 cycles of our year.

January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany – The day of Revelation – The day of the visit of the Magi – Three Wise Men.

This is a day of enlightenment when we are showered with a vibrational energy of light as we open up ourselves to revelation.

2021 will take us deeper deeper into a period of deconstruction and also a period of awakening construction of the new dawn.

The degree to which we take back our freedom is now down to us as the battle of human rights, freedom and control intensifies. We are now entering a new period of human evolution. Look at the cosmology of our earth, the earth has now started moving through the Photon Belt, this is essentially bringing us a and enormous amount of high – frequency light that is now upgrading humanity and our earth. This light is activating us and our dormant strands of DNA. We are experiencing an event that happens approximately every 12,000 years bringing with it enormous change in humans and the earth as this ultra light floods into our cosmos. This light carries information, it opens us up to carrying more light in our bodies. It is also awakening ancient Lemurian energies like the Golden Flame of Illumination.

This year we are in the 10th step of the 13 steps of Awakened Consciousness and the Inter Dimensional Doorway will be opened on the Isle of Iona on Autumn Equinox. This doorway will open us up to a further shift in consciousness as this was the birthplace of the the awakened consciousness information to me in 2007.

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you on the 6th.


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Awakening – Ascension – Epiphany + Golden Flame of Illumination, January 6th

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