Awake & Aware Embracing Ascension, January 13th

Awake & Aware Embracing Ascension, January 13th

Awake & Aware – Embracing Ascension, January 13th

As we walk the pathway of Awakening to Empowerment, awake and aware, it offers us the opportunities to shift many areas of our lives.

As we consciously connect with the Self, this allows us to give birth to our capacity to be aware and creative.

2021 is about awakening us to endless possibility and as we embrace and embody what is possible for us, we walk the pathway of the heart.

As we walk the pathway of the heart, we embrace the crystalline energies flowing into our lives. We let go of the pain and chaos of 2020 with a Mary Network healing experience to stabilize, renew, and envision a more conscious, authentic life full of love. This experience will bathe you in Golden White Light flowing from the Temple of Divine Love.

As we quest this pathway we create a crystalline cadences in our cells, which help us release pools of blocked energy/emotions and awaken a new cellular vibration. This releases potent energies and frequencies that support balance and heal the memory cells of your body.

This journey awakens us to the power and beauty held within the memory cells of each one of us.

I look forward to seeing you on the 13th at 7:00 pm MNT.


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Awake & Aware – Embracing Ascension + Meditation – Golden Flame of Illumination, January 13th

Listen to an audio recording of this telecall with Finbarr Ross from Januaray 13, 2020: