Full Moon of Sagittarius 2014

Full Moon of Sagittarius 2014

Keynote: “I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.”

December Full Moon Meditation

Sagittarius is a daring adventurer into undiscovered realms; to remote places upon the furthest reaches of the Earth – on mountain tops, in jungles or lonely deserts. Or, in consciousness, at the forefront of scientific exploration, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression or probing the soul in deep meditation.

Sagittarius is boundless expansiveness, a description befitting its ruler Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system – and ruler of the second ray of Love -Wisdom, the ray of the Master Builder… who takes the ‘dynamic idea of God’ embodied in Ray 1 and formulates the plan for constructing it.

Sagittarius is the fiery archer who dares to go beyond her own circumscribed radius. At some stage of evolution, she fires her arrows toward unknown destinations, to see where they lead; her arrows are sent forth by thought, waiting for the returning gift of intuition. Sagittarius is the spirit of the explorer, adventurer, inquirer, wanderer, traveler.

Keeping balance is not always an easy task for Sagittarius but it is really important during this time for us to stay in balance between now and Winter Solstice, asking us to release and let go of all issues that are holding us back. To let go of all that holds us back on all levels, we need to go through a final cleansing before the longest night and the new dawn. We are in the closeout period of Awakening to the Soul’s Journey, so this final releasing and letting go of old issues is imperative. Come Winter Solstice, we enter a new Ascension phase; a new phase of Self Realization as we embrace Awakening to Our Own Divinity and walk through another doorway on the path of Ascension and Self Realization.

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