A Pathway from the Shadowlands into a Well-Lit Soul Journey

A Pathway from the Shadowlands into a Well-Lit Soul Journey

Sacred Mystical Journey: A Life Journey from Tragedy to Triumph
by Finbarr Ross

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Sacred Mystical Journey – A life Journey from Tragedy to Triumph – details how I traversed the different stages of the alchemical process through an intimate self-distillation, ultimately leading to my becoming the spiritual mentor that I am. Walking from the shadow into the light of my own soul path I believe I have become a beloved facilitator for others who are devoted to awakening and becoming pillars of light and love for humanity as well.

We all have a story and this is mine. My desire for sharing this with you is to encourage you to trust that there is a benevolent power always watching over you. Even when you feel lost, alone, abandoned, full of despair and hopeless, know that you are not alone. On my walk from incarceration to illumination/spiritual awakening. My soul took me on a vision quest to meet myself.

What do we learn from tragedy?
Being connected to the human experience—whether tragic or exuberant—can make us feel alive and drive us to lessen the suffering of others. If we are in tune with others and able to step outside of ourselves, tragedy can be a magnificent wake up call, a loud reminder to live authentic, meaningful lives.

Much love and blessing,


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When any moment might be your last, why wait to make changes in your life? Ross had life or death influences on people while he was waiting for a time to get sprung from the cell. Easter service came one time. Finbarr held a ceremony for willing participants in the rec. room. Ross describes it:
“Altar was a steel table, the chalice, a Styrofoam cup, the wine, cherry KoolAid, and the unleavened bread, potato chips” When jail-time was over, Finbarr began his Sacred Mystical Journeys tour company which still is successfully operating today. I have been to Ireland, England, Scotland, France Malta, Sicily, even to the Dutch Caribbean with Finbarr. Here we have explored castles and caves, dolmens and museums, crop and stone circles. Our fellow travel guides have included Barry Dunford, historian and author of “Holy Land of Scotland” who brought us to places tourists will never see. A highlight of our France tour was to have fellow pilgrim Flo Aevia Magdalena “Remember Union” and “Sunlight on Water” guide us in meditation and show insights about Mary Magdalene in a profound way The book concludes with Finbarr’s vivid explanations of where we are heading spiritually in our world today. All ideas are predicated on the construct of loving one’s self. “If you cannot love yourself, how can you love others?” Finbarr asks. The visions are filled with optimism and hopes for a better future during these uncertain times of change and transition.
I think “Sacred Mystical Journey” deserves a place on your bookshelf today.
James Patrick Lynch MA
University of South Florida
Department of Communication