A Journey of Discovery ll: Pathway of the Heart – 3 Part Series, September 11th/12th/13th + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation

A Journey of Discovery ll: Pathway of the Heart – 3 Part Series, September 11th/12th/13th + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation

An engaging 3 Part Series transpiring over 3 consecutive evenings starting at 7.00pm on Friday September 11th and ending on September 13th.

Our Holy Purpose is for us to look and experience the ancient wisdom that is shaping our lives today.

September 11th – The Importance of Universal Law
• The Seven principles of Universal Law
• Egypt was the birthplace of the Hidden Wisdom and the Mystic Teachings
• The Principle of Vibration embodies the truth that Motion/Movement is manifest in everything in the Universe
• The Law of Cause and Effect embodies the truth that Law
pervades the universe; nothing happens by chance
• We explore how the laws effect our life today

Followed by a special meditation.



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September 12th – The Power of the Druid Circle
• The Circle is the Creator, Everything is within the circle and everything has a place within the Great Circle of Life
• In the Druid Cosmos, everything is alive, trees, rocks, rivers and springs each which posses an inner wisdom
• The Tree in Druidic consciousness is the symbol of multiple aspects of creation and vibration and holds within it the secret of life
• We are like a tree connected to the wisdom of Mother Earth with our vibrations and frequencies emanating out through our 12 chakras, the roots, trunks and branches of the tree
• We grow and ascend opening ourselves to a higher wisdom consciousness

Followed by a special meditation.



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September 13th – Revelations and John the Baptist
• John the Baptist was preparing the way holding peoples hands two thousand years ago, and his role was to increase awareness of the new teachings as they walked the new pathway of the heart being taught by Master Jesus. His mission was showing them the way in spiritual health and awareness. He was like all great teachers today who ask people to embrace fully who they are “the soulful self”.

• His message today is about post denomination, the church without walls which dwells within each of us.

• He is sharing with us that we are exactly where we are meant to be…not lost somewhere in the Cosmos. Know that the 3rd and 4th dimensions are closed. These closures are bringing chaos because many spiritual souls living a spiritual life in a human condition have failed to reach out and step into the fifth dimension and its energies. It’s almost similar to a person who dies and cannot find their way to the light which will eventually guides them home.

• As we embrace the spark within the Golden Flame we find balance, awareness and we let go of fear, everything will pass and we will grow in awareness, understanding and love. Order will return to stabilize the earthly condition.

I am here to support you through this period of realignment as the crystalline consciousness awakens within each of us.



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