Standing on the right bank of the river Yumuna, one of the "Wonders of the World" is a mausoleum of matchless beauty. In the city of Agra, northern India the splendor of this white marble structure and beautiful example of Mughal architecture has inspired artists, poets and architects; not to mention hearts the world over. The Jewel of Muslim Art in India, allows for ever changing magnificence when viewed at different times of the day and from different vantage points. The Taj Mahal is simply an awe inspiring masterpiece! Allow the transformation of the Taj to be witnessed as you gaze upon it. The sunlight, the moonlight, the kaleidoscope of colors created upon the marble as one allows time to pass appreciating its splendor. The surrounding gardens, reflecting pools and the backdrop of nature only adds to the feeling of the presence of The Divine as was intended by the Emperor.

The Shah Johan; the 5th Mughal Emperor commissioned a board of architects led by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri to create this mausoleum in 1632 for his favorite wife; Mumtaz Mahal who died giving birth to their 14th child. In order to honour her he summoned expert artisans, stone cutters, painters and craftsmen from far off countries. Jade and crystal were brought from China. Ultimately 28 types of precious stones were inlaid into the marble including sapphires and carnelian. Over 20,000 workers toiled to bring this masterpiece to life. Not only is one's heart and soul stirred by gazing upon the Taj, the sacred energies and vortexes within are beyond imagination. Allow your soul to be stirred and elevated as Finbarr guides you in and around this Indian Jewel. The Taj stands as a symbol of eternal love. It is thought to embody 'the feminine' in her architecture; Mumtaz Mahal herself. It is here at The Taj Mahal you experience the Divine Mother opening up your heart to a new understanding of awareness.

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