The Old City Of Carcassonne

Known for its superlative example of an ancient Fortified Medieval City, Carcassonne perches on a hill with massive defenses encircling the castle, surrounding buildings and the fine Gothic Cathedral. On the verge of ruin, the exceptional importance of Carcassonne is in part because of the lengthy conservation campaign undertaken in the second half of the 19th century by architect Viollet-le-Duc, one of the founders of the modern science of restoration and conservation principles and practices. The superb work was taken over by his pupil, Paul Boeswillwald who continued Viollet's vision from copious notes found after his death. Viollet's genius had a profound influence on later projects.

The other part of Carcassonne's importance is that it's known for its spiritual connection to The Cathars. Considered to be imbued with their beliefs, ceremony, customs and history, as well as the presence of The Druids and the Phoenicians, Carcassonne has the sacred energy of these ancient mystics. In the heart of The Cathars, enjoy shopping for fine woolens and wine, viewing the fine Gothic Cathedral, The Counts Castle and the ramparts classified as a World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Finbarr Ross with Sacred Mystical Journeys will guide you through the commune Chateau de Pierrefonds with the famous salamander gargoyle, The Carcassonne Cathedral; seat of Roman Catholic Bishop Narbonne, the 12th century tower Le Saviez Vous and many more exquisite ancient sites. The astounding tales of rulers and regimes since Neolithic times including Napoleon Bonaparte and The Trencavel Family goes back centuries. This glorious city on the hill is a powerful place to feel The Cathars and the secret stories held in the ancient structures.