The Doorway of Lord Aramu Muru

THE DOORWAY OF LORD ARAMU is also referred to as PUERTE DE LA HAYU MARCA (The Gate of the Gods) or HAYU MARCA (The City of Spirits). This ancient monument is an actual door with the shape of a 7 meter sided square found among the deep crevices of stunning red rocks. This site is relevant for many pilgrims and devotees. It is believed that a great sage from Lemuria escaped with scientific scrolls well beyond the scope of the knowledge of the day and a solar disc made of a special gold. This disc was used later by Incan priests including the Priest Aramu Muru in ceremony, possibly to teleport to other parts of Earth and beyond.

A spiritual doorway to a golden underworld, the Doorway of Lord Aramu Muru is still used by local shamans for ceremonies. According to legend, Amaru Muru was fleeing the Spanish conquistadores trying to hide the Golden Sun Disk. He escaped with the priceless treasure to the Hayu Marca mountains, never to be seen again.

After much archaeological study, no known date of the creation of THE DOORWAY OF LORD ARAMU has been revealed; remaining a mystery. Many pilgrims, visitors and locals have experienced deep feelings of 'safety' and 'peace'; their bodies feeling 'free'. So very many find the answers to 'up until then' unanswered ponderings and personal life questions and enter into a state of more hope and joy. Esoteric groups visit hoping 'The Door' will open as it's believed happened for Priest Amaru Muru. Many sightings of strange lights, columns of fire and the hearing of sounds and singing. Still others have felt the presence of a tunnel behind the door. On the other side of the mountain archaeologists have indeed found the remains of what may have been an ancient tunnel.

While enjoying the SACRED MYSTICAL JOURNEY with Finbarr Ross, explore the possibility of experiencing the energy of this mysterious site. Bask in Finbarr's honoring of The Doorway with meditation and ceremony; feeling the possibilities and the purpose of this particular 'Stargate'. One of the many 'off the beaten path' spots in a land steeped in mysticism. With Finbarr, discover your powers of Illumination magnified by the exquisite energy found here.

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