The beautiful fishing village on the island in the heart of the Camargue, famous for its white horses, black bulls and flamingos is also known as the pilgrimage site for Christians all over Europe and beyond. It is believed that The Holy Marys who first witnessed the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus, crossed the sea from Palestine on a ship with no sails or oars. They are believed to have stayed to spread the word of Christianity here. The spirit and colorfully adorned statue of The Black Madonna known as Sara La Kali (Sacred Saint of Protection) is displayed at the Commune in the Boucles du Trone; also a powerful energy. Pilgrimages from far and wide, inspired by King Rene in the 14th century, arrive throughout the year and enjoy the festivals and Holy Days that continue to this day including celebrations, weddings and baptisms. Processions carrying the various statues of Saints parade through the town and to the sea, include St. Mary Salome and St. Sarah. At the gypsy festival Mary Magdalene is carried on May 24th and Mary Salome and Mary Jacobe on May 25th. The Three Marys, St. Sara and other Saints have statues and shrines dedicated to them throughout this stunning island city and the surrounding areas. Such extraordinary beauty and sacred energy drew many artists including Paul Eugene Milliet and Vincent Van Gogh in 1888 to create some of their finest works.

Finbarr Ross with Sacred Mystical Journeys invites you to enjoy the beautiful beaches, sand dunes, and the Riparian Forest; all breathtaking! Le Petit Train Camarguais; the tourist train takes one to the surrounding Camargue where there is incredible biodiversity; black bulls, white horses, flamingos and vast wetlands including an ornithological park housing expansive natural wildlife. Camargue Regional Park is a wilderness region with much folklore and spirituality. Hear the echoes of the Saint's values; Family, Faithfulness, Humility from the eternal past into our eternal future. Savor the exquisitely powerful sites, sounds and aromas with Finbarr as he allows for the unfolding of the sacred secrets in this most extraordinary island. SAINT MARIES DE LA MER-FRANCE.

Saintes Maries de la Mer