In the Occitanie Region in Southern France sits a mysterious village; Renne Le Chateau. It is most famous for being the location for many possible links to ancient lineages and holy artifacts including The Holy Grail. Berenger Sauniere; a gentleman born in 1852 became a religious leader in the tiny Church of St. Mary Magdalene. He commissioned and purchased a number of sculptures, frescoes and artifacts for the church. There was the belief that this area had the remains of Jesus the Christ as well as The Ark of the Covenant. It was believed that the Knights Templar, the Cathars and the Kingdom Rhoda as well as the Temple of Solomon had history here. Berenger himself instituted investigations beneath the church and other parts of his domain. Many believed that he was in the possession of a number of famous treasures. Art historians have tried to solve the mysterious enigmas that surround the various statues such as "The Stations of the Cross", "The Devil's Statue" or "Asmodeus" which guards the entrance, "The Devil's Armchair","The Devil's Head" and the beautiful piece of Jesus Being Baptised by John have varying theories.

Archaeologists and historians have also researched extensively in this region. The ley lines and sacred geometry that are said to create a specific energy to this area may have led to this being a most auspicious area. Finbarr Ross and Sacred Mystical Journeys will guide you through this absolutely stunning area with deep river canyons, limestone plateaus with large caverns underneath. Many authors including Maurice Leblanc and filmmakers have been inspired in storytelling form to capture the lure and secrets; often leaving 'clues' about their 'knowledge of the mysteries' of Renne Le Chateau. "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" discuss possible descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene being among the inhabitants.

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