Named for a warrior named Ollanta who was the most trusted general of Inca Pachacuti, Ollantay fell in love with Pachacuti’s daughter Cusi Coyllur. But Ollantay was not of royal descent so marriage to Cusi was forbidden even though she had given birth to Ollantay’s daughter. The legend has two endings: one in which Ollantay was pardoned; the other in which Ollantay saves one of the Inda’s sons and is allowed to marry Cusi.

OLLANTAYTAMBO, also known as 'The City of Dawn' is the architectural jewel and the gateway to Machu Picchu. It is considered the 2nd most well preserved ruin in all of Peru with powerful altars, temples and sacred carvings in the mountains above the city. Dedicated to "The Power of the Animal" and designed in the shape of the sacred llama, this ancient Inca fortress is an astonishing and "other worldly" collection of stone constructions. Famous for its Inca stone 150 step staircase built into the side of the mountain with unimaginable precision, it's considered to be one of the most impressive feats of Inca engineering. The staircase leads to The Temple of the Sun which most experts agree was most definitely used for advanced astronomical purposes. The lining up of the Temple with the position of the stars is undeniable.

Finbarr Ross with SACRED MYSTICAL JOURNEYS will guide us once again 'off the beaten path' to and through this sacred and ancient marvel. The time spent in this historically significant land will no doubt activate and initiate awakenings you may not have dreamed possible! Revel in the beauty of the Royal House of the Sun, The Monumental Portal, the fountains and the ceremonial baths known as Banos de la Nusta; dedicated to the worship of the water deities Uno and Yaku. Among the sunrise, clouds and stars allow for yourself the openings of your creativity, imagination and expansive possibilities in one of the highest mountain villages on Earth; OLLANTAYTAMBO PERU.

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