One of the most powerful examples of devotion of many Catholics is the world famous pilgrimage site, THE HOLY GROTTO OF LOURDES. Considered the spectacular site of Mother Mary and St. Bernadette, The Roman Catholic Church has officially recognized 70 healing miracles by divine intervention, starting with the young villager Bernadette being healed by Mother Mary in the 1800s. The Holy Waters are believed to have sprung forth during Mary's Apparition and healing; continuing to this day. The healing waters of Lourdes are the highest vibrational waters in the world today and Finbarr will show you how to feel that vibration. Near the Grotto large marble baths fill with Holy Lourdes water. Millions of visitors come each year to Our Lady of the Lourdes to partake in the miraculous healing waters, walk in The Procession to the Basilica, enter the Massabielle Grotto (The Holy Grotto of Apparitions), The Underground Basilica, The Church of St. Bernadette and gaze up at the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes; the site of the appearance of Mary to young Bernadette Soubirous perched as a shrine in the rock grotto above.

The Rosary Basilica, the most elaborate of the 23 chapels and sanctuaries in Lourdes is a site to behold. Finbarr Ross will escort you through the magnificently sacred sanctuaries including Notre Dame de Lourdes in this miraculous place. The Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is built on the Holy Grotto rocks above. There will be sacred healing water ceremonies performed by Finbarr as part of the SACRED MYSTICAL JOURNEYS as well as other private events capturing the Holy energy of this truly wondrous place.

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