Experience the mystical Indian city of Darjeeling nestled in the eastern part of the Himalayan mountains. Also known as 'The Queen of the Hills', we will enjoy magical and sacred spots, some that are known; others that Finbarr has discovered and loves to share. We will be open on this Sacred Journey to receive the energies in The Temple of Good Will also known as The Retreat of El Morya. This magnificent white temple/palace is the 'home' of The Ascended Master El Morya; The Master of First Ray and Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood.

The phenomenal Mahakal Shrine is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Known as the Master of Time, this etheric retreat center is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built in 1728, by Buddhist Nepaliloma Darjey Rinzing.We will also immerse in the vibrations of The Temple of Good Hope which was constructed from 1885 through 1985 by Buddhist Monk Nichidatsu Fuji. This monument has promoted peace for varied and all communities and religions who come to worship. This was the intention of Monk Fuji; a holy place to be available to and for all for prayer, worship, chanting and pilgrimage!

With the peak of Mount Everest in view, Temple Hill, Kanchenjunga Mountain and other astounding visuals, one is surrounded and held in the snow capped mountains. Savor in the sacredness of a surprisingly cosmopolitan city where the most devout pilgrims have come to worship for centuries. Experience Dhoom Gompa and places where the Rinpoches chant and pray in the environment of this truly ascended elevation. Finbarr will guide us through Darjeeling in all of its magical glory. There will also be the most authentic food, drink and shopping imaginable to enjoy. Of course, the famous and delicious Darjeeling tea!

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