Chartres Cathedral

Erected during a religious time of peace during the 4th century, the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres is a Roman Catholic church in Chartres, France. Perched high upon a hilltop where a sacred forest once grew, Chartres Cathedral is known for its Celtic roots, connection to The Druids, it was a Druid Oracle and is connected to the Lore of Mary Magdalene. This holy place of sacred feminine ethos and rare architectural beauty is filled with 160 stained glass windows. There is a crypt and a well beneath which was sacred to The Druids for its believed miraculous healing waters. The Tunic of the Blessed Mother; The Sancta Camisia is respectfully displayed. Chartres is a holy book telling its story in stone and glass.

Rich in mysterious sacred imagery and sacred geometry it is believed to be encoded with the secrets of the Universe. The phenomenal example of this is the sacred labyrinth installed in the Cathedral floor in the year 1200. Finbarr Ross during the Sacred Mystical journeys will deepen our understanding of the history and importance of this spectacular labyrinth. The sacred destination of Chartres Cathedral cannot be overstated. It is one of the many "power sites" on Finbarr's Sacred Mystical Journeys.

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