Sacred Isle of Iona

I invite you on a mystical Ascension Consciousness Retreat - Making Yourself a Priority. Join me on the sacred Isle of Iona, Scotland, formally known as the Island of the Druids, the cradle of Celtic spirituality.

The Isle of Iona is all about ascension. It is about the Self. It is a place where the veil between heaven and earth is so thin that pilgrims here can easily access multiple spiritual dimensions.

Deep Peace of the running Wave

Deep Peace of the flowing Air

Deep peace of the shining Stars

Deep Peace of the quiet Earth

Deep Peace of the Prince of Peace

to you and yours

An Iona Prayer

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Tradition has it that Jesus and Mary Magdalene visited the Isle of Iona. This is a place where it is said that Mary Magdalene gave birth to a son. There is also the belief that Mother Mary and Joseph of Arimathea visited Iona.

It is here on Iona where Mother Mary brought to my awareness the 5 years of Transparency which started with the winter solstice in 2007. The opening of the 13 Gateways of Awakened Consciousness began with the winter solstice of 2012. The 13th gateway to be opened at Tara during Winter Solstice of 2023 leads us to the final gateway of 2024 which is Awakening to the Power Within.


There are many sacred places on the Island of Iona including the famous Iona Abbey associated with Saint Columba with its amazing vortex which connects us with Mother Mary. We also have the Hill of Angels the highest point on the island upon which sits the Well of Eternal Youth, also associated with Ireland's St. Brigid. Here will do a sacred water initiation. Another Irish Saint, Saint Columba, lived on Iona during the 6th century. It is believed that the Book of Kells originated here.

We will explore Iona Abbey, St Martinus Cross, St Oran’s Chapel, St Michaels Chapel, the Royal Burial Grounds of Kings, the ruins of the Iona Nunnery, beautiful sacred beaches, and much more. There are many stories about the grail family's connection to Iona.

Now is the time to explore your souls journey on this sacred Isle of Iona, allow your Self to expand and embrace your authentic Self.

Iona Abbe Scotland

Retreat Dates:

Dates: October 26th to November 9th

You can choose either to stay for 7 or 14 days.

14 Day Retreat: October 26th to November 9th.

7 Day Retreats: October 26th November 2nd.

or November 2nd to November 9th.

Retreat Itinerary

Your journey starts when you sign up for this retreat.

Pickup and drop off point will be at the Glasgow Airport - we will meet at 9:00am on October 26th at the Courtyard Marriott, Glasgow Airport. For those arriving November 2nd you will be collected at 9:00am from the Courtyard Marriott, Glasgow airport.

We will meditate, have enlivened discussions, perform sacred ceremonies along with engaging in experiential ascension practices so that each morning on this ascension vortex island we will greet the day with love and joy in our heart. We will also have special guest presenters and other opportunities to experience much more as we quest.

As we dive deeper into the ascension process, we will look at:

How free we are?

How, in each moment, we are free to choose our state of being.

How we always have the freedom to choose hope, with all of its expectations for a great future.

How we have the ability and the freedom to choose to move through difficulty with ease and grace….

How we have the freedom to choose to view our future through the lens of eager, expansive possibilities…

How we have the freedom to choose CHANGE.

How we can embrace compassion letting go of judgment as we shift in consciousness allowing ourselves and others to see the real you, the authentic you.

As we connect each morning, we will open the ancient ascension portals of Iona allowing ourselves to be immersed in the ascension energies connecting us with our true magnificence as we walk the pathway of the heart remembering that we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in a human environment.

Departing Iona:

Departing November 2nd and 9th – you will depart on the 8:30am ferry to transfer to Glasgow and arrive at approximately at 1:00pm – If your flight home is the following day you may need to overnight in Glasgow or go visit Edinburgh or some other amazing sites in Scotland.

Our venue for the retreat: Ardbeg on the Isle of Iona is a 5-bedroom house with a hot tub. It is a beautiful comfortable self-catering home. Most meals will be catered.

Tour Price Includes US Dollars
Retreat 14 day (Excluding Airfare) $4444.00
With Cash/Check Discount $4311.00
Single Supplement Rate (additional fee) $888.00
Retreat 7 Days (excluding Airfare) $2333.00
With Cash/Check Discount $2255.00
Single Supplement Rate (additional fee) $444.00

Retreat Price Includes:

All meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

All accommodations for 7 nights

All ground transportation