Nova Scotia Spiritual Retreat

Nova Scotia Retreat: Mary Magdalene and the Golden Flame of Illumination Gathering with Joan Clark and Finbarr Ross

Stephanie Larouche's Property - Nova Scotia Retreat | Sacred Mystical Journeys

It is our pleasure to invite you to join Joan Clark and Finbarr Ross for a mystical experience on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, for a 7-day retreat as we explore the Goddess Mystery School Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Golden Flame of Illumination Ascension Process.

We have designed this retreat to include not only three days of working with spiritual principles, but to also include the magic, alchemy and beauty of Nova Scotia. Our dear friend and colleague, Stephanie Larouche, will host this retreat for us at her lovely property in the area, as co-host, sound healer Denise Mihalik will offer a group Himalayan singing bowl meditation, a mystical tradition from Nepal.

Along with other like-minded and heart-centered people, you will experience the joy of walking in the forest, picking seasonal berries, taking a dip in the lake, a canoe ride, picnicking on the lawn, star gazing, and fire ceremonies, as well as visiting special sites in and around the area. There will be meditations and a variety of different ceremonies that will be incorporated throughout the week as we immerse ourselves in the Goddess Mystery Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Golden Flame of Illumination – Ascension process.

Sound healing with Denise web

Joan Clark will introduce The Goddess Mystery School Teachings of Mary Magdalene™: an intimate experience with these 7 spiritual teachings which are pathways to awaken and remember the path of love and loving.

You will be also be introduced to the Seven sacred Magdalene fragrances that align one-for-one with these teachings. Each fragrance is created to open up the Akashic wisdom of each of the teachings for a more intimate and personal experience, culminating in a deeper union with Mary Magdalene.

Finbarr Ross will introduce you to The Shift/Ascension and The Golden Flame of Illumination: an in-depth exploration that will take you on a journey from Harmonic Convergence in 1987 through the shifts in consciousness that have taken place. The Shift brought us the 13 steps of initiation which humanity is currently going through with the final step at Winter Solstice 2023 and the Golden Flame of Illumination; the spark of unified consciousness (the second coming) that resides within each one of us, awakening us to the new dawn of 2025.

Nova Scotia Retreat Itinerary

Arrival at Halifax where you will be transferred approximately an hour and a half to idyllic Camperdown.

We will gather together at Stephanie Larouche's property for welcome beverages and snacks, and a little stroll, time permitting. Following a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant, you will retire at your hotel accommodations. (D)

Our morning adventure will begin with a gentle walk through wooded trails. We will stop and partake in a meditation under a majestic century-old yellow birch tree. Along the way, we will gather seasonal berries. This property is full of high magic, and so we may have the opportunity to experience ravens, eagles, deer, owls, and foxes connecting with us, preparing us for our spiritual work and uniting us in the Oneness. This will be our first act of initiation and purification by allowing nature to bring us into balance and harmony, preparing us for our spiritual work together.

There will be time to be quiet and paddle around the lake before we travel to the beautiful seashore where we will enjoy lunch at a restaurant, explore local craft shops, and visit various beaches of differing character. Back at the host property, we will enjoy a catered dinner, and settle in for a sound healing meditation before returning to the hotel. (B, D)

Today, we begin our spiritual journey into the teachings that have called us to this retreat.

For the next three days, you will be working with the Goddess Mystery School Teachings of Mary Magdalene with Joan Clark and the Shift/Ascension and Golden Flame Illumination with Finbarr Ross.

Stephanie LaRouche's Home in Nova Scotia

During these three days, lunch will be served at our host Stephanie’s house, along with one family-style dinner where we will have time to star gaze and do a fire ceremony. All other dinners will be at local restaurants in the area. A closing ceremony uniting our work with the Goddess Mystery School Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Golden Flame Illumination process will be held on Sunday evening. (B, 3 Lunches, D)

Today, we will explore Nova Scotia. After three days of immersion with our spiritual work, we will have time to enjoy the beauty and magic that is Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our first stop will be to visit the very interesting and picturesque Lunenburg. We will experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its focus on the ship building and fishery industries in their glorious heydays. Other activities include a beautiful two-hour sailing excursion (weather permitting), dining at local restaurants, shopping, a visit to the Fisheries Museum, and the beautiful harbor.

Lunch/dinner at local restaurants. (B,D)

On our last day, we will visit the beautiful harbor town of Mahone Bay for more shops and restaurants, and marvel at the beauty of the nearby tiny fishing village of Blue Rocks.

Next, we will explore the magnificent sea caverns at Ovens Natural Park ,where the power and majesty of the ocean can bring special mystical experiences for all who encounter their magic.

Lunch and dinner at local restaurants. (B,D)

Today is our Departure Day. Grateful for all we have experienced, we

depart for the airport with sandwich lunches for those who need them.

There is a nice little restaurant at the US departure lounge for those

who feel they need one last opportunity for seafood.

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