Special Friends

Ani Williams – Harpist, singer, author and sound therapist. Courting the Magdalene, to awaken the sacred in each of us.
Anne Sermons Gillis – the Ambassador of Joy, helps develop the essential qualities of who we are, author of Offbeat prayers for the Modern Mystic.
Barry Dunford – author of The Holy Land of Scotland. Barry is also a wonderful tour guide of the sacred valley of Glenlyon.
Flo Aeveia Magdalena – author of I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena and Sunlight on Water: A Manual for Soul-full Living
Claire HeartsongA midwife of the soul, author of Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and St. Germain: Twin-Souls and Soulmates.
Janet Rae – Wisdom Writings is committed to inspiring people to live a life fulfilling their purpose and intending the highest good.
Rev. Jenny Dickason – Muffi Bindi means ‘Mother Courage’ spiritual and business networking, retreats and educational programs.
Karn Ralls Ph.D – Celtic scholar and author of The Templars and the Grail, The Quest for the Celtic Key.
Kathleen McGowan – author The Magdalene Line – The Expected One.
Laurie Riley – Harpist, sound therapy workshops and courses.
Margaret Starbird – Sacred Union and Christianity, author of The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, The Goddess in the Gospels, Magdalene’s Lost Legacy, Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene Bride in Exile.
Martin Gray – Places of Peace and Power – featuring many photographs and writings of Martin’s adventures to the sacred power sites of the world.
Nicole Christine – author of Temple of the Living Earth, Under Her Wings: The Making of a Magdalene.
Patricia Ballentine – The Creative Flame – ordained minister, ceremonalist, process facilitator and poet.
Simon Peter Fuller – Wholistic World Vision is a global network for spiritual re-education and awakening, author ofRising out of Chaos.
Stephanie Phelps – Medicine Wheel Keeper, a Medium, and an Artist. I also like to think of myself as a visionary with keen eyes and an open heart to Co-Create our most wondrous future together.
Sun Angel – Joyful Alternatives – Positive Perspectives.
NumberQuest Numerology – Your Name’s Meaning, Life’s Mission and more.

Health and Healing

The Nature Doctor – Organic Silica and Natural Supplements
Carla Crujido – Blue Girl Hawaii
Rebecca Michaels – Harmonic Wellness Transformations

Places of interest

Castles,Great Houses & Gardens of Ireland
Christ Church Cathedral
Crop Circles
Drumcliffe Church & Visitor Centre
Duchas the heritage service
Heritage Towns of Ireland
Kylemore Abbey
St Patrick’s Cathedral
Stone Circles/Dolmans/Cairns
True Ireland

Interesting Spiritual Links

1 Spirit
A Circle of Light
Ageless Wisdom Distributors
Anne Gillis/EZ Times Seminars
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Beyond Reality/Dr. Shelley Kaehr
Bhagavad Gita – Ancient Wisdom
Buddhist Circuit Tours
Catholic Encyclopedia
Crimson Circle The
Course in Light/Antoinette Moltzan
Dar’ Shem:The Healing Art of Sophi
Elohim Journal
Era of Peace
Galactic Healing/Dr. Shelley Kaehr
Gary Zukav
Global Visions Spiritual and Humanitarian Directory
Global Renaissance Alliance
Gregg Braden
Hindu Temples: A place for spiritual enlightment
Institute for Planetary Synthesis
Interfaith Seminary
Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship
International New Thought Alliance
James Redfields Celestine Vision
Kathleen Murray/Crystal Skulls
Life Spectrums
Light & Life Journal
Lucis Trust
Margaret Starbird
Marianne Williamson
Martin Gray / Places of Peace and Power
Michael Lightweaver
Miriam’s Well
Neale Donald Walsch
Network 2012
Nicolas Roerich Museum
Nightlight News
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Paulo Coelcho
Sacred Connections
Soul Support Systems
Simon Peter Fuller Wholistic World Vision
Spirit Heart Sanctuary
Soul to Spirit
Spirit United Interfaith Church
Spiritual Minds
Spiritual Paths
Spiritual Science Research Foundation
Starlighter Alternative Directory
The Aquarian Age Community
The Body Mind Spirit Expo – Canadian Holistic and Lifestyle Expo
The Divinity Project
The Hopi Way
The New Group of World Servers
The Omega Foundation
The Order of the Dove
The Spirit Search Directory
The United Church of Religious Science
United Lightworker’s Association
United Methodist
Unity Church of Christianity
White Mountain Education Association
World Brotherhood Union
World Council of Churches
World Ministry of Prayer
World Network of Religious Futurists
Zecharia Sitchin

Sites / Directories

Crown Jewels Links Directory
Gatekeeper Trust
Search the Owl
Self Improvement Newsletter

Global Travel Links

Global Travel Solutions
Amsterdam Hotels – Hotels in Amsterdam
Athens Hotels – Hotels in Athens
Atlanta Hotels – Hotels in Atlanta
Auckland Hotels – Hotels in Auckland
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Sydney Hotels – Hotels in Sydney
Travelwand – Special Rate Travel Reservations & Guide
Turkey Tours – Travel with Insight Tours
Venice Hotels – Hotels in Venice
Washington DC Hotels Online – DC’s Only Interactive Hotel
Reservation Service
Zurich Hotels -Hotels in Zurich

General Information

Brouse Ireland
Collins Press
Cork Kerry Tourism
Dublin Tourism
Dublin Visitor Guide
East Coast and Midlands Tourism Ireland
Greece Travel Guide
Ireland North West Tourism
Ireland West Tourism
Irish Government
Irish Times
Irish Tourist Board
Northern Ireland Tourism
RTE — Irish TV & Radio
South East Tourism
The Vancouver Guide
True Ireland

Ireland Hotels

Aghadoe Heights Hotel
Atlantic Coast Hotel
Cottage Reservations
CMV Hotels
Dublin Hotels Network
Edinburgh Hotels
Fitzpatrick Castle
Herbert Park Hotel
Hotel Directory
Hotel Ireland – Hotels in Dublin and Ireland
Hotelsin London – London Hotels Network
Hotel Reservations
Irish Acommodation Guide
IrishCountry Houses & Restaurants
Irish Hotel Guide
Irish Hotels
Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel
Killarney Plaza & Spa
Killarney Royal Hotel
London Hotels
Luxury Dublin Accommodation
Radisson SAS Hotel Galway
The Clarence Hotel
The Fitzwilliam Hotel Group
Zetland Country House Hotel


Aer Arann Express
Aer Lingus
Irish Airports Flight Information
Ryan Air

Car Rental

Car Rentals Ireland – Rental and Car Hire in Ireland
Car rental in London – London Hire Car Rental
Car Hire
Dan Dooley Rent a Car
O`Malley Car Rental
Malone Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental

Public Transportation

Bus Eireann
Dublin Airport Aircoach Bus
Dublin Bus
Irish Rail