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Tour the British Isles

Finbarr is a specialist in Celtic and Early Christian Spirituality.  He will share his knowledge of the special sites of Ireland, England and Scotland and the mysteries they hold.  These lands are very important as we awaken and shift into higher consciousness.

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The Nature Doctor Showcases Mother Nature

What's the big deal about food supplements? Do you need them? How can you distinguish quality?

Join host Cheryl McDaniel in her in-depth discussion with Finbarr Ross about his new wellness solution, The Nature Doctor.  Learn about food supplements, their classifications, and why they are important to your health.

In a world where everything is changing with record speed, this information will gift you with the knowledge to make educated decisions that are integral to your health.

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Sacred Sites of the World

Sacred Site Tours for the energies of our times.  The energy of 2012 focuses on Ascension. Listen to Finbarr as he shares the itinerary of the sacred sites for 2012 and a few heartfelt healing experiences from his travels. Finbarr will also be unveiling a few new things that you are sure to love. Catch the sacred site travel bug! Don't miss this show!

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Exploring The Energies of the Divine Feminine with Finbarr Ross

May 9, 2012, Hosted by Peter Tongue

France is deeply emerged in sacred feminine energy. There are underground waterways carrying this energy throughout the country including healing wells, sacred grottos, chapels and cathedrals and more. Finbarr Ross will discuss these energies and lead us on a spiritual adventure where we experience Mary Magdalene, the legends of the Holy Family, the Black Madonna, The Holy Grail, Cathars, Knights Templar and Troubadours! He will describe some of the many wonderful power sites held sacred by those who have sought the Holy Grail and the presence of Mary Magdalene including: Rennes-le Chateau, Grotte de Baume, Maries de La Mer, Montségur, the stunningly beautiful Chartres Cathedral, and Paris.  Listen to recording for insights to Sacred Site of France

Sacred Sites of Egypt

Blog Talk Radio with host, Cheryl McDaniel

Journey with us to Egypt on a spiritual adventure with our guide, Finbarr Ross, as we discover and experience the magnificent history, beauty and spirit of Egypt. Join us as we explore a mystical world of initiations, hidden wisdom, the famous Emerald Tablets, the Egyptian connection to Atlantis, and the convergence of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine through the sacred energies of some of the most visited ancient sites in Egypt.

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