Wesak Festival Full Moon Meditation

Wesak Festival Full Moon Meditation

Wesak is the most Important Spiritual Festival of the year.

“The Month of May is one of deepest significance to all who are affiliated with the Great White Lodge, the Wesak Festival takes place and is a moment of deep spiritual importance. A time of great importance and opportunity.”

In the spiritual year, the first three spiritual festivals of the year, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, can never be emphasized enough, although to personally experience them, one must probe their significance through reflection upon these signs and meditation. Taurus marks the high-water mark of the spiritual year because of those Liberated Beings who guide Humanity, who meet in yearly conclave and connect with their ashrams and disciples more closely than at any other time.

Taurus-Wesak is the highlight of the spiritual year because of the alignment that takes place between our most exalted planetary guides and humanity. The triangle of Buddha, Christ, and Sanat Kumara – linked in sacred ritual with the assembled Masters of Wisdom – in turn, aligned with their respective ray ashrams of human aspirants, disciples and initiates, all poised and ready to anchor the new impulse issued in the previous month of Aries; this is a potent visualization in meditation.

Wesak is important because it is the only time of the year that the Buddha re-connects with this planet, almost liberated from his responsibilities here, but still serving an important role in this transition phase between the two zodiacal ages and the root races.

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