Times of Transition

Times of Transition

With this many of our elders are transitioning from the earthly plane, going on into spirit form.  They are our teachers, mentors, parents, aunts, uncles, and others.  Almost everyone I know has had a recent experience of someone close that has passed on.

At whatever level of spiritual beliefs you have, death of a loved one is difficult.  It is natural to feel grief and to hurt at the loss of their passing.  This person will no longer be here to share life with.  All the ways they were important to us, we will no longer be able to have in the physical world.  We will miss them and allowing for the hurt and grief of their passing is important.

Allow for this grieving time.  Let yourself remember all the wonderful gifts you received from having this person in your life.  Whether it was a brief encounter, or a lifelong relationship, remember the special time you shared.

Our societies and communities are still uncomfortable with death and many don’t know how to be with it.  I encourage you that if you have a friend or someone you know that is experiencing grief that you hold them, either physically or energetically, in compassion for what they are going through.

Death reminds us to be in the moment.  It gives us perspective of what is important and can help teach us to live each day as if it were our last.  We can use this reminder to look past illusions.  Ask ourselves what is true?  What is the true core of another person, or a situation, of our own lives?

These elders have carried a wisdom which now passes on.  They have been respected leaders, medicine men, warriors and way-showers. 

Have they taken their knowledge with them?  Who will carry their teachings?  Who can replace what they gave us?

In almost every fantasy and science fiction book where there is a wise teacher or wizard, at some point the wizard dies and leaves the young student to go on without him.

This is our time to step into that role.  It is our time to carry on with the teachings we have been given.  And perhaps that is what scares us most, that now we are the ones that need to step forward.

I encourage each of you to consider this.  Is it time for you to find your courage to lead?  Is it time for you to move from being the student and find your way as the teacher?

It is a bittersweet time.  For all those who have passed on and for all those who have remained behind, I send you love and compassion.  May your hearts be again filled with love and joy.

May you be filled with love, joy, and peace,


Let us take a moment from whatever we are doing and do a brief meditation:

Begin by getting into a meditative state, in whatever way works for you.  If you’d like, you may even want to play some gentle background music.

Now imagine yourself as a mother or father holding a child that is hurting.  Invite in any person you know that is going through a grieving process at this time.  You can even hold yourself.  Hold that person just as you would the small child.  Allow whatever they feel just to be.  There is no need to change it, no need to speed up the process.  Hold them and let the person feel the love and compassion you have for them.

You may know others experiencing loss and grief as well.  If your comfortable holding more, invite them into this space also.  Or if you’d prefer, you can do this one at a time.  You might want to stretch yourself to hold space and compassion for more.  Invite in anyone that comes to mind that is hurting or suffering from a recent death, and even those who have loved ones that are close to passing over.  You may even invite in those you don’t know.  There are so many people suffering right now, and through our holding and compassion we support each other through the process.

Hold them as long as it feels comfortable and appropriate.  When you feel complete, let them go with a loving embrace.

You can do this meditation as often as you’d like.