The Sacred Sites of Israel: from Ancient Jerusalem to the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Sacred Sites of Israel: from Ancient Jerusalem to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Explore the secret and ancient mystical places of Israel, off the beaten track, with emphasis on the ancient mysteries, cultures, communities and their megalithic remains, both known and unknown. Israel is considered by many to be the birthplace of the great megalithic cultures of Europe — those who built the great stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury had their example in Israel. This holy land is revered as the birthplace of religion and mysticism, the place of God’s revelation.

Discover the Mysteries of Bethlehem, Mystical Sufiism, The Holy Grail, the Essenes, Kabala, Mount Carmel, Elijah, the Sea of Galilee and much more… 

View of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel | Sacred Tour of Israel

Bethlehem, situated in the heart of the West Bank, is a place of invaluable significance to Christian pilgrims. This holy city houses the Church of Nativity – the oldest existing church in the world – as well as many other mystical secrets.

See the Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel | Sacred Tour of Israel

Discover the Dead Sea Scrolls whose origin remains a mystery to this day. These ancient manuscripts are widely believed to have been created by the Essenes. They were found in 11 seaside caves, and contain fragments from every book of the Old Testament, save one.

Mount Carmel in Israel | Sacred Tour of Israel

Follow the call to the energetic side of Mount Carmel – the place of fire – a pyramid-shaped summit where Elijah operated. Explore an ancient priests’ village in the woods linked to the Essenes. Here, we will open the 8th Inter-dimensional and Planetary Gateway on Autumn Equinox. 

Sunrise over landscape of Galilee - Sea of Galilee in Israel | Sacred tour of Israel

Explore the rugged landscape and awe-inspiring scenery of Galilee! This fascinating area is home to many biblical miracles and is an area of great interest for many pilgrims. Visit beautiful Susita which overlooks the whole of the Galilee, a wonderful place for meditation.

Join us on this spiritual adventure and experience the timeless wonder of being a pilgrim… one much more unique than the ordinary traveler.