Spring Equinox Meditation in Chartres

Spring Equinox Meditation in Chartres

We invite you to join us in a silent meditation to support the group here opening the 7th Inter Dimensional Gateway at Chartres Cathedral at 4:00pm France time, which is in your time:

11:00am Eastern time zone
10:00am Central time zone
9:00am Mountain time zone
8:00am Pacific time zone
3:00pm UK time zone

Special message Finbarr received on the Isle of Iona in 2011:

At Winter Solstice 2012 we are entering a time of shift in the Ascension process and its energy will spark phase two of the process at Spring Equinox 2013 taking us through the first doorway and step one of 13 steps for humanity and 13 planetary inter dimensional steps that will culminate with Winter Solstice 2023.

Thank you for your support as we expand the work of the Golden Flame with the opening of the 7th Gateway. We are holding you in the Golden Light as we open this portal/vortex for the benefit of humanity and our planet.