Sacred Destinations of France and the Festival of Saint Sarah

Sacred Destinations of France and the Festival of Saint Sarah

Every year, gypsies and others gather from around the world in the small village of Saintes Marie de la Mer, on the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France, for the largest gypsy gathering in the world.  It is time for the Festival of Saint Sarah, a Camargue tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. The streets are filled, and the small town of 2,500 people swells to thousands. The gypsies have the special honor to care for her. They dress her up, then carry her out of the church, in a procession down to the sea, from where she came. They bless her with the waters and then carry her back to the High Chapel.

Virgin Mary Madonna and Child at Church in Saintes Maries de la Mer

It is a fantastic sight to withhold and an unforgettable event to experience! In the parade, there are gypsies riding white horses, costumes, and colors everywhere. The best place to be is following behind Saint Sarah; in her wake is an energy force likened to the most powerful of sacred sites. It is an experience you won’t want to miss!

On May 24th, we will take part in the Saint Sarah procession down to the sea as we participate in the Festival of Saint Sarah and we watch as a beautiful vortex of energy opens up and flows during this special time.

On the following day, May 25th, we will take part in the procession to the sea of Mary Jacobi and Mary Salome. This, again, is an extraordinarily powerful procession with an abundance of special energies and vibrations.

Who Was Saint Sarah?

Sarah first arrived on the southern shores of France in the year 42 AD, accompanied by Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome, Lazarus and St. Martha. Whether they were cast out or choose to leave is unknown, but they were set adrift in a boat with no oars from Alexandria, Egypt.

Sara is reputed to have been Mary Magdalene’s daughter. Not much is documented about Saint Sarah and there are several variations to the story of who she was, yet despite little written record, she has not been forgotten. The people of France love her and the gypsy people have adopted her as their patron saint. A deep and profound respect for Sarah’s legacy is shown in the customs and traditions that have grown around her.

The Black Madonna Portraying Saint Sarah in Saintes Maries de la Mer

Sarah is portrayed as the Black Madonna and is known to perform miracles of those who but ask. The gypsies, whose origins were in India, call her Sara la Kali, connecting her with the Hindu Goddess. She was dark-skinned and beautiful, which is reflected in the statue of her – a Black Madonna – in the chapel at Saintes Maries de le Mer.

Questing the Sacred Destinations of France

We invite you to join us on this transformational journey to France, a land steeped in mysticism, the lore and tradition of Mary Magdalene, the legends of the Holy Family, the Black Madonna, Saint Sarah, The Holy Grail, the Cathars, the Knights Templars, the healing power of Lourdes, Chartres Cathedral and Paris – and much more.

This is a journey of a lifetime, a life-changing experience where we feed our soul in one of the world’s most sacred destinations, awakening to that still inner voice and the energy of golden flame that dwells within our hearts. On this journey, we will experience sacred ceremonies, sound healing, ritual, discussion and meditation which will serve to deepen our sacred connection as we weave a tapestry of unified consciousness/unity consciousness.

On this sacred journey to France, we are being asked to feed our soul as it awakens to the many wonders of the miraculous and the mystical – we will experience the timeless wonder of being a pilgrim, one more unique than the ordinary traveler. As pilgrims, we share in a special journey as we weave a tapestry of group consciousness/Oneness. Pilgrims are humble, open to unique people and experiences.

I hope you will join us as we experience all that this great land of enchantment has to offer.