Resurrection & Renewal + Meditation March 31

Resurrection & Renewal + Meditation March 31

Keynote: A time of Creation

Since man is a microcosm, a universe in miniature, processing the same secret springs of life.

In the world now it is about humanity experiencing a time of new power this spring more than at any other time within humanity there is  a creative force welling up from the deep reaches of the soul to awaken.

A time of awakening as we birth/resurrect ourselves into a new world of awakened consciousness embracing wisdom and unity.

The ancient Wise Men stated that God fashioned the world under Aries. Under Aries the Israelite’s  left Egypt, their land of bondage, for the promised land. Under Aries Jesus the vessel of the Christ consciousness rose triumphantly from the dead.

Under Aries humanity is impelled to move forward into a new adventure of the spirit. 

Dark and threatening clouds hang over the earth today. Dark clouds hung over the earth on the Friday proceeding the first Easter morning. We call that day Good Friday. What made it good? The supreme renunciation: “Not my will, but Thine be done”. Leading to a glorious resurrection.

We are now in a time of resurrection, reformation, deconstruction, reconstruction, construction of the long buried power and consciousness of the soul.

We are now experiencing an influx of energy which is Awakening us to Empowerment making all things new.

It is a time of Initiation, of letting go of the past because there is no past once we envision our vision of the future.

It is a time of creation of trusting in the Divine as we come together under natural law, nature and the seasons.

Now is the time of the birthing of the spiritual adventure we have been waiting for, the one that has been in gestation for two thousand year, Humanity and Mother Earth are cracking wide open.

As we awaken, we claim mastery over the new you, increasing your  frequencies, vibration and energy  through meditate, breath work and yoga embracing the new quantum field. We are after all a spiritual being, having a spiritual experience in a human body/environment. Remember the LIGHT is your lineage.

It is a time to embrace the Golden Flame of Illumination the universal flame of awakening.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st.

Blessings, love and light,



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Resurrection & Renewal + Meditation March 31

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