March Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Telecall

March Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Telecall

The Full Moon, in the sign of Aries, brings with it the birthplace of new ideas. A true idea is a spiritual impulse taking form. The Earth takes another cycle around our Sun, completing the annual cycle in Pisces and beginning the new cycle in Aries. The spiritual new year is born, where new impulses and ideas are activated. Aries is a sign of fire, a symbol of manas or mind. This first fire sign rules the head which is home to the brain. For the Aries person consciously treading the Path, Mercury as esoteric ruler creates a “purification through vision” – on a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral.

It is a time of resurrection, awakening us to clarity in our lives as we awaken to our new journey of ascension. It bring us to that place of unified consciousness as the eclipse strips away all that no longer serves us and heralds us into a greater understanding of our journey here on earth. We are in a time of consciously committing to the pathway of the heart and rising above the fear and negativity with which we are constantly being bombarded. This is the establishment’s way of keeping us from looking at the big picture; do not be taken in by the negative. It is a time where we each walk tall on our path consciously aware of who we are and our mission as bringers of the new dawn.

The time is Now – after a gestation period of 2000 years we are giving birth within to the Unified Consciousness/Feminine Principle/Divine Feminine/Christ Consciousness or whatever name works for you. It is for each of us to consciously embrace it and let that fire of the Golden Age burn within, taking us to Self Realization of who we are.

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