January Full Moon Meditation

January Full Moon Meditation

As we move into our journey for 2016, Awakening to Clarity, we are being asked to look at our shadow, our personal and group relationships. This is our first full moon of 2016 and as we move more deeply into the Aquarian Age our full moon brings us the energy of revolutionary and reforming times.

From Philip Lindsay Esoteric Astrologer: Aquarius ruled by Uranus, brings sudden or revolutionary change. As the sign following Capricorn, its work is to bring continual reform to the status quo. It was no accident that Uranus was discovered between the American and French Revolutions in 1781, a date that signaled the start of the 500 year cusp of the ages, the transition from Pisces to Aquarius.

Uranus-Aquarius enables one to think outside the box, to innovate and invent. Yet, this dual sign, signified by the glyph of wavy lines (signifying water or electricity), is also one that is connected to the heart. Esoteric ruler of Aquarius is Jupiter, ruler of the second ray of Love-Wisdom. Therefore, the Water-Bearer serves with a finely honed intellect, guided by a loving heart. Hence the reputation Aquarians have for philanthropy and humanitarian causes. The Water-Bearer pours forth his/her urn filled with the waters of Love-Wisdom.

So, in 2016 as we go within to embrace our shadow, we will ourselves be dealing with our own inner revolutionary change. We are being called to fully embrace the feminine principle/divine feminine/Christ consciousness so that we can fully embrace all aspects of ourselves leading us to unity, consciousness and Oneness.

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