Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame of Resurrection and Illumination

Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame of Resurrection and Illumination

It is the beginning of the spiritual new year once again as the cycle renews itself in the zodiac sign of Aries, opening up energetically for us the first of three annual spiritual festivals – Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, sharing with us an aspect of the Planetary Plan – the Divine Blueprint that is constantly flowing into human consciousness.

This season in this unique year of 2019 is special because of its rare blue moon; two full moon festivals with the Sun in Aries, “the birthplace of ideas.” The first one coincided with the Spring Equinox in March. The second, Easter – Resurrection.

The three signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini function as a triangle of subjective energies that condition the remainder of the year – the initial action from Aries, its anchoring in earthy Taurus, and its dissemination in Gemini, allowing us to tune into these zodiac qualities through reflection and group meditation.

Aries – Easter Festival, the Festival of Resurrection in this time of awakened consciousness of illumination as we experience the second coming.

Taurus – Wesak Festival, the Festival of the Buddha and of Illumination.

Gemini – Festival of of Humanity – Unification and illumination.

On April 19th, the second full moon is taking place. It will be opening up a period of huge changes and possibilities.

The full moon of March 20th took us to a new starting point and from there on we were moved forward. We experienced the opening of new energy portals opening with the full moon energy. These portals of awakened consciousness (2019 Awakening to Strength) lift us and shift us. They help us to discover balance within our lives and elevate us into our divine purpose.

As we experienced the changes that these portals brought, we were able to align ourselves with the cosmos and the possibilities that opened for us. Now we are reassessing our lives. We start to understand the shifts that are taking place. We need to let go and trust, so that the shifts can be complete.

The first full moon was looking for a balance inside us. The second one is all about balancing our relationships. It’s about our self-worth.

Remember, we are deserving of love and being loved. We have feelings and they matter. We can forgive and we need to be forgiven.

We, you and me, are as important as anybody else. And the relationships we have are important too.

We each need to love our self and value our self enough to make changes in our life. We cannot let a relationship which devalues us throw us from our alignment with the Cosmos. As we stand with integrity we bring a balance in our life.

Self-love is not easy unless we can love our self unconditionally. If we are not strong enough to deal with the challenges that life brings us as we walk our path, we will always feel the burden of life pulling us down. Life is asking us to stand up to awaken to our inner strength.

We must love ourselves enough to know what we are of value and worth. Once we are capable of loving ourselves, our relationships will start developing and growing stronger.

There will be lots of energy accumulating during this period of resurrection, and it is up to us to put our best foot forward and allow our self to be mindful.

This full moon is all about unconditional love/relationships and taking the necessary steps to bring about transformation in our lives.

Thank you for all that you do as you quest each day remembering to remember who you are.

Blessings, love and light,


Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame of Resurrection and Illumination

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