Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame April 7th

Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame April 7th

Aries is the sign of the beginning of the spiritual new year where the cycle renews itself once again. It is the first of three annual spiritual festivals – Aries, Taurus and Gemini – which anchor the annually amended Planetary Plan.

Aries is the birthplace of new ideas, and a true idea is, in reality, a spiritual impulse taking form. It plants the seed and sounds the note of daring and optimism – hence the exaltation of the virus-killing Sun in this sign. When a new seed sprouts, it literally sends out a note – a blueprint for the species, to which the building devas can hear and respond, to build the form that the seed will become. The Aries Sun rules the heart, the organ of love-wisdom – and courage that eliminates the fear virus.

This is simply a virus that has emanated from somewhere and has become a global contagion – that humanity must now deal with.

Coronavirus has brought home to us the reality that there is no separation between us, that no nation, group, or individual – no matter their social status – are immune, whatever its origins or hidden motives; that we are a global community inter-dependent upon one another.

We come together at this amazing time in the history of humanity and our planet to help the shift in consciousness into the Aquarian consciousness, a unified consciousness that brings forth the New Dawn which we are all a part of.

I look forward to you joining me on this resurrection full moon golden flame meditation.

Blessings, love and light,


April Full Moon Meditation with the Golden Flame of Illumination

Listen to an audio recording of this telecall with Finbarr Ross from April 7th, 2020: