Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation January 10th

Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation January 10th

Keynote: Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back.

Capricorn: Initiation

The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain with a goat standing on the summit. “All difficult journeys, places and summits can be reached by the Divine Goat, a symbol of group consciousness.”

As the Aquarian age unfolds, the Law of Group Consciousness/Awareness action will become more evident. There are no isolated people on the spiritual journey, although in a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory way, the sense of isolation and loneliness is part of the arduous pathway as we quest group consciousness and initiation. Each individual has a soul ray that determines their evolution – the ray that emanates from the soul group ashram with which they are affiliated.

It is toward the central core of the group that all souls journey, through each magnetic “gate” of initiation, engaging with co-workers and taking on greater responsibilities for the opening of the 13 Gateways of Awakened Consciousness (the next Gateway opening on Spring Equinox, March 20th, in Varanasi, India; the opening of Gateway 9 of the 13 Gateways). Those Gateways create expansions of consciousness – points of minor and major initiations for humanity and our planet. Capricorn is a sign of initiation, where the various stages of progress are recognized in formal initiation ceremonies upon the inner and outer planes by initiates instigated by the Masters.

We each seek to let go of glamours as we quest the new, looking clearly to know what they are as we walk our pathway (i.e., temptation, egotism and materialism).

Full Moon Meditation - Sacred Mystical Journeys

2020 looks likely to be a year a big Shift, of great pain, a turning point with transformation for Humanity. Yet, with the shattering of old forms such as patriarchy, radical change creates a turning point; shifts in values are on the horizon. It is for each of us to build ourself a house. I remember building a lighted house way back in 1993 with all the pain I dealt with, the dweller on the threshold as I sought to build a firm foundation. So now we ask ourselves, as we enter 2020 and its first full moon with an eclipse (which is a completion or culmination of the fruits of your labor), with emotions running high as the old paradigm seeks to control from the top down, which will bring about protests as the old paradigm and the new dispersion clash over the environment, group consciousness and much more:

“Is the house you are building/living in lit? Is it a lighted house, or is it a dark dungeon?” If it is a lighted house, you will attract to its light and warmth all who are around you and the magnetic pull of your soul. If you are a soul in isolation, you will pass through many challenges of more isolation and loneliness, walking alone on the dark pathway of the soul. This isolation and loneliness is part of the dark night of the soul and part of the great illusion. A daily practice is a must to help create the turning point within oneself.

The quest for humanity coming together is to knowingly demonstrate its maturity and the Will to Love before the Hierarchy can return. We cannot expect “someone to save us” or “someone to follow,” because the requisite task to determine our own destiny – ascension through Awakened Consciousness – has not yet been achieved. In our daily quest, it is for each of us to seek to advance the cause of understanding, doing good by stealth and teaching only by example.

We seek to assist/heal our community and our Planet. We shall know no fear and feel no shame and our witness will prevail over all odds.

Our journey as we quest has no secret, no arcanum, no initiation, save that of true understanding of the Golden Flame of Illumination which is anchored within each of us and burns as the spark of a Temple of Divine Love, the power of Love, and that, if we want it to be so, the world will change, but only if we change ourselves first.

See you on the 10th to share with you the incredible energy of this full moon.

Blessings, love and light,


January Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation

Join Finbarr Ross for a Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation with a discussion on the esoteric qualities of Capricorn and the energies of the first full moon of 2020 plus the first eclipse of the year.

Friday, January 10th, 2020

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