Birthing Unity + Meditation, March 3rd

Birthing Unity + Meditation, March 3rd

Birthing Unity + Meditation, March 3rd

As we quest the pathway of the heart profound and simple shifts enable us to bring orientation, wisdom and awakening empowerment to be experienced in our silent moments deep within.

As we awaken to the power of our soul we realize everyday is a new day – it is for each of us to build our energy circuits to sustain us in our ministry of movement.

Using daily practice which we can engage in anytime during the day will infuse our life as we allow ourselves to experience and embrace the cosmic and universal connection as we walk the pathway of the heart which allows us to shift in consciousness.

As we cultivate and embrace our “inner GPS” which enables us to stay “on our souls path” which is aligned with our spiritual self even when we are feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and duality in daily life.

A moment of awakening we realize everything that happens in our life is for our highest good.

Do you believe differently with different groups – as we feel the pain of density and duality we withdraw as we remember there has to be something more.

Come and explore with me on the 3rd as we fold over experiences with intensity as we focus deeply on the loving presence within.


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Birthing Unity + Meditation, March 3rd

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