April 2017 Full Moon Meditation

April 2017 Full Moon Meditation

Aries, First of Three Spiritual Festivals

It is the beginning of the spiritual new year, where the cycle renews itself in the sign of Aries; first the three annual spiritual festivals – Aries, Taurus and Gemini – that establish an aspect of the Planetary Plan, the Divine Blueprint. It is programmed in the ethers, and that will eventually manifest upon the outer world.

“Aries is the place where the initial plan of activity takes form. It is the birthplace of ideas, and a spiritual impulse taking form-subjective and objective.”

The  three annual festivals – Aries, Taurus and Gemini function as a triangle of energies that condition the year. Hence, tuning into their qualities through personal reflection, personal and group meditation will reward the inquirer.

Aries – Easter Festival, the Festival of the Risen Christ (the second coming within each of us).
Taurus – Wesak Festival, the Festival of the Buddha or of Illumination.
Gemini – Festival of Humanity/Unification – unifying East-West, carried forward by the Christ/Unified consciousness.

USA, United Kingdom and Australia  – to name a few – have become depressingly conservative which they believe will save them; end times frustration as they choose not recognize the new dawn, have weak and avaricious leaders who really do not care about their constituents; continue to sell out natural resources and the environment for short term gain; bow to the will of the zionists banksters, have no vision or imagination to solve pressing problems; blatantly lie, as it suits their purpose, almost as a lifestyle choice; accept large sums of money from corporate interests etc whom appear to call the shots especially in the US and in the EU. All of this has become the “new normal” and must be destroyed if Democracy is to survive.

We are the masters of the new dawn and must formulate new and vibrant ideas of light as we let go of fear during the sign of Aries that will help offset the trend of creating fear as a way to control. Ask yourself, how can spiritually potent and creative individuals make a difference in this age of uncertainty? In the spirit of this Aquarian cycle which we are now crossing the threshold into and feeling the chaos as people stubbornly refuse to let go of old and outmoded ways. To survive spiritually as builders of the new dawn people must band together energetically and keep up the public pressure upon those who hold power. Already, recent political events in the world have made people far more politically aware and pro-active. Whether it be through peaceful protests or non-violent public disobedience, to turn the tide back to the light of democratic ideal to which humanity must enter.

It is a time of resurrection, Awakening us to Wisdom in our lives as we awaken to our beliefs our new cycle of ascension. It bring us to that place of unified consciousness. We are in a time of consciously committing to the pathway of the light of the heart and rising above the fear and negativity with which we are constantly being bombarded. It is a time where we each walk tall on our path consciously aware of who we are and our mission as bringers of the new dawn.

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