KAREN LOVELIEN, Source Code Activator

While in a successful career as a corporate executive in NYC and LA, nearly everything Karen knew her life to be suddenly ended! Realizing she did not know who she was or why she was here, Karen moved into deep surrender with the prayer, “God, show me, teach me, use me.” Soon the veil to all dimensions lifted creating an opening to infinite possibilities. The gifts began to flow.

Through Karen’s dedication to daily spiritual practice, she opened to be trained by Masters of the 12th to 15th dimensions. A path to a new way of listening, learning, creating, expressing and living became clear. The many facets of Karen’s original life purpose began to unfold, each based on her ability to align with and become the optimum frequency for any given purpose. For the last 25 years Karen has supported individuals in the private regenerative healing practice, Soulular Clarity. Her


work includes in-person or phone/online sessions with individuals around the world and the facilitation of frequency alignments within the planet. She leads experiential workshops and seminars that teach the life expanding energetic practices and principles she learned from the Masters. Karen is also a contributing author in the 2014 book, Ignited Hearts Inspiring Hope.

FRED BOSHARDT, Spiritual Adventurer

Fred Boshardt is a true Spiritual Adventurer. He initially found his spiritual connection in nature, his inner wisdom, and his heart connection to others. Fred is a businessman, teacher, motivator, and healer. He is an active participant in life as a cyclist, river explorer, hiker, skier, and planetary traveler/guide. Fred leads sweat lodges, river trips, nature expeditions and spiritual tours. He is a motivator and inspirational guide that encourages all participants to share their path, passions and individual gifts. He is also an anchor of love, clarity and energetic healing in the Soulular Clarity practice.

Fred is dedicated to creating community in ways that support the vitality of individuals and the land. He is a licensed contractor, natural builder and developer/promoter of sustainable living technologies.

TOGETHER, KAREN & FRED: Create in a field of consciousness they call 2as1:

Life partners, Karen & Fred have discovered many aspects of their collective life purpose. Karen and Fred began, nearly twenty years ago, creating together in a unified field of consciousness they call 2as1. They have become living prototypes for creating life beyond current knowledge, so that they may be instruments for this time of change, as we move through both consciousness and planetary shifts. They activated/attuned the planet to 5th dimensional frequencies of love by connecting nearly 200 locations on the planet to Sirius B or one of 15 other pulsar stars. On October 12, 2013 in Nepal Karen & Fred facilitated the ‘flipping of the switch’ for the entire planet to unify in the 5th dimensional frequency of love. They are also activating large gatherings of individuals to the Sirius Living Light frequencies and teaching new energetic technologies for moving forward in the world. Karen & Fred are open channels for new sustainable living technologies and, through Soulular Clarity, they provide, cellular clarity, attunement and knowledge for each one to discover and live fully activated in their original life purpose.

Karen and Fred lead spiritual tours to ancient and emerging sacred sites on the planet, providing the environment for individuals to experience their own shifts and self-discovery. When planning travel they go into meditation and use Google Earth to plan the destinations often locating specific 'Mystery Sites' that are for the highest good of those traveling, for the land, or people in the destination. The specific purpose of each site is revealed through the group when we connect on each specific site. What unfolds is magical and is revealed through the group.