Joan Clark is a Seeker, Mystic, Intuitive Energy Alchemist, Natural Perfumer, Aromatherapist, Artist, Writer, Dance Therapist, and Kundalini Yoga Practitioner. She is the creatrix of Present-Moment Yoga, and the originator of the Goddess Mystery School Teachings, a body of channeled Mary Magdalene work. She is the founder of Palais Aromaetica - a temple of creative alchemy - which incorporates her own original line of aromatic luxuries and products.

Joan Clark is a Divine Creatrix that has developed numerous lines of aromatic products, currently available in her Palais Aromaetica. She has been teaching aromatherapy and natural perfumery for over 25 years.

Joan has been involved in creating, educating and sharing her passion of aromatic alchemy for over 30 years. Joan is devoted to honoring the Divine Feminine in all of its various forms while creating workshops, classes, and sacred travel to empower this passion.

She has been guiding sacred travel, which is truly one of her passions, for over 20 years.

Joan's website can be found at: