Flo Magdalena, Respected Visionary

Flo Magdalena is a respected visionary, author, channel, healer, coach, teacher and spiritual mid-wife. She has worked throughout the world with individuals and groups since the late '70's, helping them connect to and access understanding about who they are, why they are here, and how to live their highest potential and life purpose.

From a mystical three-year experience with Mary Magdalene, Flo wrote I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena, a dramatic, evocative and inspiring book that reveals Magdalene's role in the life of Jeshua and their destinies that initiated the Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming, 2000 years ago.

Flo's deep connection with Magdalene has inspired her unique and life-changing work. Flo leads experiential retreats, trainings, and programs she has developed that assist and support her students and clients to remember and access the connection with their innermost self, their soul. Her deep energy journeys forge a conscious relationship with the soul that greatly influences and balances the interconnection between the body, emotion, mind and spirit. As we connect with our wholeness, we then experience optimal health and emotional transparency, create lasting and harmonious relationships, and live in more balance with our inner and outer world, fully bringing forth our gifts.

Flo is the founder and Executive Director of Soul Support Systems and the Heaven On Earth Global Community and certifies teachers in the following programs that she has developed:

Soul Recognition℠: A Breathtakingly profound journey inward to our unique essence shared with a trusted group bonded through the heart and soul; Circuitry Alignment℠: Connect with the whole body awareness so that our heart, mind and body are congruent; HeartThread℠: Shift long-standing physical and emotional patterns held in the body through a dialogue with our unconscious made possible through a deep connection with our heart; The Accelerated Thinking Process℠: Learn what actually happens when we get "stuck," and how to shift our perception to experience more balance and peace through mapping the brain.

Early in her working life, Flo worked in critical care and then psychiatry, as a Registered Nurse, and has developed programs using meditation and relaxation with chronic psychiatric patients. She worked with the program director of the American Heart Association to develop their first stress management program, and was a facilitator for the American Lung Association in their Smoke Cessation clinics. She combines her medical experience with metaphysics, and focuses her private practice on mind/body connection.

"The Soul is Our Greatest Untapped Resource! What we think we have lost is but the promise of what is yet to come!"

Flo has written two other books, Sunlight On Water: A Guide For Soul-full Living, and Honoring Your Child's Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and Communication. Her work brings a message of hope about our capacity to create a world of peace, honor, and union.

She lives with her husband, David in Vermont, has two children, and three granddaughters.