About Catherine Ann Clemett

Catherine Ann Clemett is a well-known international author, speaker, channel and healer. As an award-winning Hay House author, all of her books carry light codes and activations. She has authored her own books as well as co-authored books with channel, Claire Heartsong, and twin-flame expert, Angelina Heart. Catherine Ann’s work focuses on returning the balance of the Divine Feminine to planet earth.

Catherine Ann facilitates awakening workshops that help people expand their connection to their soul and their purpose on the planet. Her tours, workshops, talks and sessions are all about the inter-connectedness with all life, and the sustenance, support and unconditional love from Divine Mother which is all-inclusive. She brings her experience and training in various healing modalities to her talks and sessions, including: DNA healing, Matrix Energetics, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regression Certification with Dolores Cannon, and Integrative Coaching Certification with author, Debbie Ford, to the unfolding of her Divine Feminine work.

In addition to facilitating Magdalene workshops internationally, Catherine Ann conducts Magdalene Grid Activations and leads Sacred Site tours, awakening dormant feminine planetary ley lines all over the world.

Catherine Ann's passion is to seek, understand, download and anchor who she is as a multidimensional spiritual being of light and to assist others in doing so as well.