Marina DaCosta, Spiritual Tour Guide

Marina DaCosta is an authorized guide of the Casa of Dom Ignacio, guiding large and small groups for the last 8 years.

Marina has been a guiding partner with Finbarr Ross on his trips to the Casa over the past 6 years.

Experience gained from a life long quest for the mind-body experience of perfect health, and spiritual connection make her an excellent guide and group leader. She is a certified teacher of The Silva Method, a BreathWork Therapy practitioner, facilitator of Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing, a long-time student of The Course in Miracles, and teacher of meditation and visualization techniques, and is a certified Sivananda Hatha Yoga instructor. Being a long-time meditator, and working from the belief that we are Light Beings in a physical body, she emphasizes removing blocks to the connection with our Divine Self in order to bring health, harmony and joy into our lives. Many appreciate her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for people to grow, heal, and transform into their best self in a playful and joyful way.

The spiritual quest has led her on many adventures around the world to study with various masters and spiritual teachers, such as Sat Guru Hairakhan Babaji in India, Sondra Ray, Byron Katie, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Buddhist Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Bhutan, Panache Desai, and Prem Baba. Her quest to seek out enlightened masters led her to John of God to work with him and the very high vibrational Entities of Light he channels.

Marina has been living in Brazil off and on since 1993, and since 2010 lives in Abadiania, where she guides groups throughout the year. Marina leads tours to Brazil, Bhutan, India and other destinations.

“Life is a great adventure which we can live joyfully with vibrant health, purpose and connection with others. The key is to set aside fear and always move forward with love and trust.”