Heather Clarke | Sacred Mystical Journeys

Heather M. Clarke has a passion for helping other people discover their own spirituality and enlightenment. For many years, she has been on a journey of her own personal re-discovery. In 2005, she started with a dream in a little house — the Arizona Enlightenment Center. It has since grown to an ever-bigger family with a vision for the future as they create a community, locally and globally, to touch people and help them embrace their own greatness.

Heather graduated from Arizona State University in 1967 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. She also attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, achieving certifications in Spiritual Studies and Dream Interpretation. She spent over twenty years as a residential real estate agent, helping many young families purchase their first home.

​She devoted four years to serving as a Red Cross volunteer, assisting families who were affected by major disasters such as fires, floods, or storms. She also served at the Red Cross Headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia, and in New York City during the 9/11 response.

​Heather is the Founder and Executive Director of the Arizona Enlightenment Center, coordinating events, gathering the team, and holding the vision for the upcoming manifestation of the Center. She has attended a vast array of workshops and seminars and studied with the leading spiritual minds of the day. This has given her the ability to be an effective resource - a messenger - for others, by having gained experience and knowledge from a wide assortment of teachers, healers, gurus, authors, and from ordinary people who have affected her life in extraordinary ways. She feels that the Arizona Enlightenment Center is her purpose, and she devotes her life to gathering people into a thriving spiritual community.

Heather Clark can be reached via email.