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Travel Sacred Scotland: Experience the Power of the Callanish Standing Stones

Callanish Stone Circles in Scotland - tour the sacred sites of Scotland | Sacred Mystical Journeys

Experience the rugged beauty, tranquility and sacredness of Scotland. Let this unique land inspire the imagination. Scotland is a land full of ancient wisdom and magic. From Rosslyn Chapel to the elusive Isle of Skye and the Holy Island of Iona, we will immerse ourselves in the alchemy of this sacred earth and breathe in all that it has to offer us on our own individual and collective pilgrimage.

On our Sacred Pilgrimage to Scotland, we will experience the powerful Callanish Stone Circle – the “Stonehenge of the North”- which dates back to 3,000 BCE. The layout of the stones is unique and looks like a Celtic cross. These ancient standing stones were erected during the Neolithic period and used for ritual purposes during the Bronze age. Like the Temple Wood standing stones, the Callanish Standing Stones are aligned to the sun and the moon and are positioned with puzzling accuracy, despite predating Stonehenge by about 500 years.

Visiting the stones is an enchanting experience regardless of the time of year. In the summertime, they stand tall beneath a lingering sun; in darker months, the night sky is illuminated by the Northern Lights above them in beautiful swirls of purple, pink, and green.

Experience the Power of the Callanish Standing Stones | Travel Sacred Scotland - Sacred Mystical JourneysAs with many prehistoric creations, the Callanish Standing Stones are rich with legends and lore. Some legends say the stones are petrified giants turned into stone. Other stories tell of the appearance of a magical white cow that saved the islanders from starvation. Those who are drawn to the ancient secrets they hold are free to wander among the stones and even touch the towering Neolithic giants.

Join me on this spiritual adventure opening the pathway of the heart, a journey of ascension where we will experience the timeless wonder of being a pilgrim, one more unique than the ordinary traveler.

Joan Clark

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