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The Historical and Spiritual Destiny of the Sacred British Isles (DVD)

The Historical and
Spiritual Destiny of the
Sacred British Isles

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Christ Family in the Holy Land of Britain
by Barry Dunford

vision-of-albion-barry-dunford_large-163x250llustrated talk, based on research material in “Vision of Albion. The Key to the Holy Grail” by Barry Dunford. Stars and Stones Spring Forum, April 2009. 90 minute DVD.

The English visionary poet and mystic, William Blake, asserted that Albion, the most ancient name for the British Isles, was actually the original and true Holy land of Christ, and Barry Dunford’s revealing illustrated presentation demonstrates that there is genuine substance to this intriguing notion. Drawing on a wealth of reference source material, he investigates Blake’s mystical vision of Albion as the true Holy Land of the Christ. In Blake’s own immortal words from the poem Jerusalem: “And did those feet in ancient time, walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the Holy lamb of God on England’s pleasant pastures seen?”

By deciphering clues from gaelic place names, together with well established regional traditions and legends, Barry Dunford’s research supports the Blakean thesis of Jesus Christ’s presence in these islands. Moreover, he also demonstrates that other members of the Holy Family, including the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea, are also likely to have travelled here. If this were indeed the case, then we must ask why should they have come so far to the Blessed Isles of the West. Revealingly, a Scottish journalist, Comyns Beaumont, has remarked: “The ancient island of Britain is the key to world history in the past and she will be in the future”.

Excerpts from the DVD:


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