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The Crystalline Energy of Lake Titicaca

The Crystalline Energy of Lake Titicaca in Peru | Sacred Mystical JourneysLake Titicaca is a lake of deep spiritual importance. Sacred to the Uros, the Inca, the Tiwanaku, and other native pre-Columbian peoples, Lake Titicaca provided a direct connection to Mama Pacha, the goddess of earth and time, embodied in the majestic mountains surrounding this sacred body of water. Archeological findings on the summits of several peaks throughout the region suggest that these ancient peoples regularly climbed to 18,000 ft. to carry out religious ceremonies. These peaks are guarded by the sacred great condors, messengers of the mountain spirits, who communicate with the shamans.

More than 180 ruins and monuments remain in the area surrounding Lake Titicaca, and the lake still contains riches for us today. Lake Titicaca holds the key to crystalline consciousness. Along with Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza and Ireland’s Hill of Tara, it is one of three gateways to the Threefold Golden Flame. These sites are all on the same ley line, bringing forth the energy of the new dispensation Ascension and Oneness.

The Uros people of the floating islands are in tune with the sacred energy of Lake Titicaca. They know the deep wisdom of Mama Pacha, our Earth Mother. Join us as we encounter the crystalline energies of Lake Titicaca and experience a shift of consciousness towards the great awakening, a deeper connection to our fellow human beings and the greater powers that birthed us. Ascend the path of love and light in the coming New Dawn, and discover your place as a Child of the Sun.