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Temple of Goodwill: The Etheric Retreat of the Master El Morya

Kangchenjunga and Darjeeling | Spiritual Journey to India

Experience the vibrations of this magnificent white palace located above Darjeeling in the Himalayas

The Temple of Goodwill is a magnificent white palace located in the Himalayas above the city of Darjeeling, and the etheric retreat of the Master El Morya (Master of Ray 1). Magnificent, radiant currents of light pour from his retreat, which also has a physical focus in the hills surrounding the city. Here, we will connect with the vibrational energy of the Temple of Goodwill, Master El Moyra and archangel Michael who is the angel of Ray 1.

El Morya represents the godly attributes of Ray 1, the energy of Will, Purpose, Power, and Initiative. It is a ray of dynamic intensity and potency. Perhaps the best example of the first ray’s potency is found in the mineral kingdom, for radium is said to hold the key to the mystery of the 1st ray.

It is also the ray of faith, the courage of sure knowledge, held steadily and without questioning amidst discomfort and difficulty.

On our spiritual journey we will experience the magic of this etheric palace as we connect with the vibrational energy of the Temple of Goodwill and bathe in the curtains of light found here in mystical Darjeeling, the “Queen of the Hills”.

This sacred spiritual journey to India is for you!
Feel the transformation and the shift in your life as you feed your soul.