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Leadership, Power, Love, Tolerance & Vulnerability + Meditation, February 3rd

Unity Together

Leadership -Power – Love – Tolerance – Vulnerability + Meditation 7:00 MNT

Are you feeling that you are pulled this way…and then that way, in any given moment. When that happens, we need to decide, “I cannot at this moment deal with this uncomfortable feeling or maybe a very exciting opportunity.”

We are overwhelmed and simply are not feeling sure or stable enough to take a step…

What we need to do is use our breath, allow, so that we can bring the pieces of us, the me and the you back together into the Oneness. Otherwise, we create disruption in our flow, an obstacle on the path.

As we quest our daily pathway we attempt to move from me-ness/you-ness to Oneness, life often brings up challenges which create friction. The friction in your life is actually revealing that you’re ready to step forth to embrace something new. To take a leap of faith, perhaps in the moment of awareness we recognize the our true value is in perceiving both sides of the story—of any story.

I invite you to step into the both/and so that you, we, humanity, open the door wider to our capacity to bring love – and Oneness into any circumstance. Because as we stand in possibility, we stand in our empowerment.

Friction and awareness is giving you an opportunity to bring more love to any situation or circumstance.

Let us explore our personal universe on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you.



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Leadership, Power, Love, Tolerance & Vulnerability
+ Meditation, February 3rd

Listen to an audio recording of this telecall with Finbarr Ross from February 3, 2020: