Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Ever Ancient Ever New


The Celtic spiritual and wisdom tradition is both ancient and new. It brings to light a new way for humankind to be in the world. This CD takes you on a journey through the Celtic year.



A Journey through the Celtic Year by Dolores Whelan

A Journey though the Celtic YearAt this time esoteric knowledge and wisdom from many ancient traditions is re-emerging into consciousness. This CD together with the book Ever Ancient Ever New (2006) is my contribution to the re emergent wisdom of the ancient tradition from which I emerged. The Celtic calendar, which is at least 3000years old, links the passing of time with the seasons of the natural world and with the cosmological dimensions of the world through its relationship with the sun and the moon. This calendar also marks the spiritually significant moments of the year .The wisdom contained within this calendar reveals many of the core beliefs central to the society that created and lived by this calendar. So you might ask “What might the relevance of this calendar be in today’s world?”