Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Saint Cwyfans Church in Wales - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Egypt Sacred Tour with Joan Clark and Finbarr Ross
The Mound of Hostages at Tara Hill in Ireland
Drombeg Stone Circle - Ireland
Triskele Symbol - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Spiritual Tours to Malta
Bolivia Sacred Sites Tours
The mystial grotto at Lourdes - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Tor at Glastonbuy - Sacred Sites Tours

Carcassonne and the Basilica of Saint Nazaire

We invite you to join us on this spiritual, inspirational and transformational journey to France. A land steeped in mysticism, lore and tradition of Mary Magdalene, the legends of the Holy Family, the Black Madonna, Saint Sarah, The Holy Grail, Cathars, Knights Templars and the healing power of Lourdes, the divine mother and its water, Chartres Cathedral and Paris. Enjoy…

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Full Moon Meditation November 12th

Keynote: Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant. Mercury Transit Over the Sun Mercury is prominent this month because of its transit through Scorpio. Mercury receives seven times more light than any other planet and is truly a Messenger of Light – regarded esoterically as “one with the sun”. Humanity has two choices in Scorpio: on the…

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Temple of Good Will: The Etheric Retreat of the Master El Morya

Experience the vibrations of this magnificent white palace located above Darjeeling in the Himalayas The Temple of Good Will is a magnificent white palace located in the Himalayas above the city of Darjeeling, and the etheric retreat of the Master El Morya (Master of Ray 1). Magnificent, radiant currents of light pour from his retreat, which also has a physical…

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Travel Sacred Malta: Inside the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta’s Mysterious Underground Complex

Malta’s Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum is a unique UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to an astonishing 4,000 BCE, making it over 6,000 years old. This ancient temple complex in Paola is an underground system comprised of interconnecting chambers that span three levels. The Hypogeum is one of the amazing remaining structures from prehistory. The entire temple complex was carved out…

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The Festival of Holi and the Taj Mahal

Just to the south of the walled city of Agra lies the mausoleum of Mumtaz Mahal, the third wife of emperor Shah Jahan, so beloved by him that his grief inspired the construction of one of the wonders of the world. This wonderful mausoleum was erected by Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, the empress Arjumand Bano; later…

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Ireland Workshop at Tara October 26th

Ireland Workshop at Tara – October 26th, 2019: Ascension and the 13 Steps that Humanity and our Planet are Going Through Since Winter Solstice 2012, Humanity has been going through the Big Shift as the new crystalline energies have uplifted humanity and our planet to walk through the 13 steps, or gateways, that humanity has to walk through, with the…

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