Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Saint Cwyfans Church in Wales - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Egypt Sacred Tour with Joan Clark and Finbarr Ross
The Mound of Hostages at Tara Hill in Ireland
Drombeg Stone Circle - Ireland
Triskele Symbol - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Spiritual Tours to Malta
Bolivia Sacred Sites Tours
The mystial grotto at Lourdes - Sacred Mystical Journeys
Tor at Glastonbuy - Sacred Sites Tours

Superbugs and Coronavirus

Dear travelers, I am writing this from Thailand where there is no hysteria around the Coronavirus. Yes, they are taking precautions, but they have no fear. The health department here has asked that people working in hotels who interact with the public wear masks. Other than that, they are asking people to eat a healthy diet. Over the years, we…

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Travel Sacred Scotland: The Holy Isle of Iona

  The Holy Isle of Iona was a sacred isle to the Druids in ancient times and also for the Culdees and Celtic Christians who came here. Although this sacred isle’s historical fame resulted from the Christian mission of the Irish Saint Columba who came to Iona during the 6th century, A.D. Iona is still, today, a mecca for many…

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Travel Sacred Malta: Mystical Island in the Sun

I invite you to join me on a mystical journey to Malta and Sicily. Malta is a mystical island which holds the Goddess Energies/Vibrations from the Pleiades and the Light Consciousness from the Great Central Sun. The temples of Malta hold the energies of the Great Mother, with information about our human memory, as well as the secrets of Atlantis….

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Full Moon Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation February 9th

Keynote: Water of life am I, poured forth for those who thirst. Aquarius is about awakening us to become liberated world servers! Becoming water bearers. Aquarius full moon is about circulation of life force/spirit, which controls the blood system and its circulation. By means of the blood, life force is distributed throughout the human body. Life force is anchored in…

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Travel Sacred Scotland: Experience the Power of the Callanish Standing Stones

Experience the rugged beauty, tranquility and sacredness of Scotland. Let this unique land inspire the imagination. Scotland is a land full of ancient wisdom and magic. From Rosslyn Chapel to the elusive Isle of Skye and the Holy Island of Iona, we will immerse ourselves in the alchemy of this sacred earth and breathe in all that it has to…

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Full Moon Golden Flame Meditation January 10th

Keynote: Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back. Capricorn: Initiation The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain with a goat standing on the summit. “All difficult journeys, places and summits can be reached by the Divine Goat, a symbol of group consciousness.” As the Aquarian age unfolds, the Law of Group Consciousness/Awareness action…

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