Sacred Mystical Journeys

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Ascension and Life’s Purpose + Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation, October 28th

Ascension and life’s Purpose takes us on a journey within as we quest the pathway of mastering our inner truth.

Each day as we quest our outer world we get to determine everything that is happening in our world.
We experience life through the power of love and conscious intention.

As we move forward opening up the Pathway of the Heart we come to realize that it has no secret, no arcanum, no initiation except that of a true understanding of the power of Love within each of us in the NOW.

If we want the world change into the new paradigm it will only change if we change ourselves first, this is the very essence of our journey of awakening. It is the Pathway of the Heart, the pathway of LOVE and of the Golden Flame of Illumination.

I look forward to seeing you on the 28th.

Blessings, love and light,



Ascension and Life’s Purpose
+ Golden Flame of Illumination Meditation
October 28th

Listen to an audio recording of this telecall with Finbarr Ross from October 28, 2020: